In these uncertain times, Slattery’s is committed to providing our community with a safe and quality hospitality option…With that in mind, our staff has completed the SERVSAFE recommended Covid19 training session and is following all CDC and State issued guidelines. We are offering Curbside pickup, delivery and non-contact options to insure the continued good health of our patrons and staff.

Thank you for your support

Temporary Restaurant Hours:    Wednesday &  Thursday 3-7pm
Friday & Saturday 2-8pm
Sunday 3-7pm    
Closed Monday & Tuesday


We have streamlined our menu to facilitate the timing and quality of your selections.

WE HAVE WHOLE BELLY FRIED CLAMS THIS WEEKEND!! Happy Memorial Day!  Click the link below for our current regular menu.

Click here to view this menu

CALL IN ORDERS…978.342.8880 for curbside pick-up

***We recommend prepay with Credit Card***

Delivery Option Links:

Grub Hub



Newly passed legislation allows restaurants to sell beer and wine for off premise consumption. With the purchase of food, patrons can order up to 16-12oz. bottles of beer and two bottles of wine…none of which can be opened until their destination is reached..Proof of 21yo required

Domestic Bottles….$2.00 ea

Wine by the Bottle…$16.00
Angelini Pino Grigio…Raymond “R” Chardonnay
Santa Emma Merlot…..Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon